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Skate Trainers Set Red

Skate Trainers


SkaterTrainer is one of those "why doesn't this already exist" inventions because it solves the biggest problem new skaters have always faced....STOP THE WHEELS from rolling while you figure out the steps. Skateboard wheel trainers slow things down so you can learn the skateboarding trick faster, learn the muscle memory, and ultimately get the trick for real MUCH FASTER. The CONFIDENCE boost you get from stabilizing the board makes it so much easier to learn the trick faster.

Why SkaterTrainer?
  • Recommended by top Skateboard Instructors to Learn Skateboard Tricks
  • 1000's of great reviews from real users just like you (Scroll Down)
  • Guaranteed to help you learn some new skateboarding tricks.
  • Fits almost ANY skateboard wheel (48mm-65mm+)
  • Skateboard trainer wheels are easy to install and take off
  • Never slips or needs adjustment
  • Extremely Durable and light weight 
Skate Trainers Set Red

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