SantoLoco Hawaii is that “core” store that is not only able to bring our community what they want, but also be there for them and give back. We are inspired by the change around us and are dedicated to seeing our local community of surfers, skaters, (you) thrive!


SantoLoco was founded in Munich, Germany in 2007 by two brothers, Ricardo and Ronaldo Friesen. We are both originally from Brazil but have now spent most of our lives in Germany. The spark for surfing and skating started when we were real young. Not born into money we would surf and skate anything that would float or roll. When we moved to Germany that stoke did not leave us. That stoke would instead push us to create SantoLoco. It just so happens Munich, having the most famous river wave in the world, has birthed a pretty substantial surf community. Now we are grateful to say that our store is rated as one of the top shops in all of Europe. Then in 2017 an opportunity to start something in the birth place of the surfing presented itself. We couldn’t say no to this once in a lifetime opportunity, so went to Oahu.  

Looking to continue that community run shop, we looked for someone local to partner with. After a little search we  met Carson Myers. Carson is born and raised on the island of Kauai, Hawaii and moved to Oahu in 2010. Living on the North Shore of Oahu; surfing, shaping, skating and working with a few different shops. Carson having a similar vision to ours, we all were excited to continue the dream for a community/core based surf and skate shop in Wahiawa. Much worked was needed to bring the new space to the level of excellence that SantoLoco wants to be known for. After a couple years of hard work SantoLoco Hawaii opened their doors in June 2019.  

Now open and running the Hawaii shop family starts to grow. Nini Navarez started right as the doors were opened. Nini brings a much needed womanly touch to the shop. Origianally from the west side of Oahu you can find her gracefully longboarding the South Shore in the morning before heading in to open the shop. Most days Nini’s smile will be the one to greet you as you walk in the door.  

All that’s missing from our family now is you. Come in, cruise it, talk story and we hope to provide you with everything you need for your next adventure, day in, or that perfect gift. 


SantoLoco is a shop dedicated to excitement and excellence. We are on a journey of learning how to respect and protect, what God has entrusted us. Everything from loving our neighbour to taking care of our planet.

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