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Island Fin Design Leeward 9.5 Brown Quilt

Island Fin Design

“A pivot style fin which is responsive as well as smooth with solid hold for noseriding and fancy footwork. Made best for slower waves such as beach breaks or small point breaks, the Leeward excels in wave heights head high and below. A great fin to use for noseriders and longboards, the Leeward fin gives the feel of making your board feel bigger and more stable. If you want to slow things down, this is the fin.” - Keoki Saguibo, Hawaii Pro Longboarder with years of experience using our fins.


A choice template for noseriding, our Leeward pivot fin allows for all kinds of fancy footwork. Its full and steep outline simplifies your ride and promotes more time on the nose. 

- Made in 9.0", 9.5" and 10.0"

- Matte finish

- One screw + plate included

- Handmade since 1979, North Shore, Oahu

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